Senior MRI Specialist

CAN-287814 - Mudasir

Years of Experience: 10 years

Salary Exp: £48,000 – £50,000

Role of Interest: Senior MRI Specialist


  • MSc (Medical Imaging Technology), MCOAHS, Manipal University Manipal, Karnataka, India 2012
  • BSc (Radiography), Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka 2008


  • An ambitious and competent Senior MRI Radiographer, with over 10 years of experience altogether. He has experience using the Philips Ingenia 3T and Siemens Sola 1.5T to perform all sorts of MRI scans from Routine to advanced scans.
  • He is specialized in booking in and performing the cardiac MRI scans. He is also the infection control lead – he handles all the audits.
  • He has management experience and has handled training junior radiographers on scanning all kind of procedures on MRI machine like 1. Neuro (Spectroscopy, DTI, fMRI, Perfusion, CSF Flow studies, and routine brain scans stroke protocols etc. 2. Body (Routine Abdomen, MRCP, Fat quantification, triple phase, Renal Angio, Multiparametric Prostate etc.; whilst he worked as an MRI Application Specialist in the past.