How to get a working permit In Qatar

The process of working in Qatar is a bit more relaxed that most middle east countries. It is not possible to enter the country to work unless you have already secured a job, so the company, who is also the sponsor, should handle the paperwork for the candidate, including the initial visa.

As soon as you have arrive Qatar, the company will start with the work residence permit. It involves;

1.            The essential documentation such as your passport and qualification certificates but your company will advise you.

2.            There are a number of tests and checks you will need to undergo — including a blood test for HIV and TB along with a chest x-ray. You’ll also have your fingerprints taken.

The process can take up to six weeks and during this time you are not permitted to leave the country. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the process can take longer during Ramadan.

There are a number of controls on your work permit. It is attached to your employer, so you can only work for them during your time in Qatar. It is possible to change jobs after a period of time but by law, they must give you a no objection certificate.

You are also permitted to sponsor your immediate family into the country to live with you. This includes your spouse and your children (stepchildren are also allowed but there will be extra paperwork to process) and dependent parents.

It is also worth noting that as the main residence permit holder, there are exit restrictions you must adhere to and you’ll need a no objection certificate in order to leave the country. Any family you’ve sponsored into the country, however, will not be subject to the same controls.

Do have this process in mind when considering moving to Qatar.

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