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Specialist Medics is a specialist healthcare staffing agency, providing high quality candidates across the EMEA region. We specialize in niche staffing requirements within a wide range of ‘hard to fill’ areas and deliver professional, reliable candidates. We understand the flexible nature of the healthcare staffing industry and support in environments which are constantly changing with demand.

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Job Spotlight

Specialized Medical Professionals

Allergists/Immunologists | Anesthesiologists | Cardiologists | Critical Care Medicine Specialist Dermatologists | Emergency Medicine Specialists | Family Physicians | Geriatric Medicine Internists | Nephrologists | Neurologists | Obstetricians and Gynecologists | Oncologists

Registered Nurse (RN) | Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) | Nurse Practitioner (NP) | ICU Nurses Medical-Surgical Nurse | Emergency Room Nurse | Operating Room Nurse | Home Health Nurse Nursing Assistant | Staff Nurse | NICU Nurse | Dialysis Nurse | Pediatric | Labor & Delivery Nurse

Radiologist | Diagnostic Medical Physicists | Radiologist Assistants | Radiologic Technologists Radiologic Nurse |  Xray Technicians | Sonographers

Pharmacist | Audioilogist | CSSD Processor | Occupational Therapist | Midwife |  Medical Coder Phlebotomist | Dietitian/Nutritionist | Medical Assistant | Respiratory Therapist | Psychologist Operating Department Practitioner | Medical Assistant | Clinical Officer | Physical Therapy